uPVC is a highly resilient material that is used extensively in the building industry worldwide.

Energy Efficiency

When you choose uPVC double or triple glazed windows and doors, you will enjoy the considerably increased benefits of energy efficiency, which in turn will have a significant impact in the reduction of your heating and cooling costs. Keep in mind that uPVC window and door frames can have the same or better insulation properties than timber, but without the maintenance and durability issues. uPVC window and door frames also have a significantly lower U-value (the rate of heat transfer through a structure) than aluminum and the lower the U-value, the better the performance!

By using infra-red cameras, which provide a visual representation of the temperature of a surface, it can be proven the effectiveness of uPVC window frames. On the left, you have a uPVC double glazed window with a combined U-value of 1.1 Watt/m2K, while on the right is a traditional single glazed window with a combined U-value of 5.2 Watt/m2K.

Noise Control/Reduction

Due to being a multi-chamber system and using double compression seals, uPVC windows and doors have a great impact on noise reduction, allowing you to enjoy natural light and beauty without being subjected to what may be a very uncomfortable and noisy environment. Depending on where you live, you may be exposed to intensive noise levels that can have a negative impact on your personal comfort and even health. Let’s take an example; heavy traffic.

  • With an open window, you could be exposed to about 80 dB or more.
  • With an older, single glazed window that is closed, exposure can be reduced to approx 60 dB.
  • With a double glazed uPVC window you can reduce the exposure to noise down to 48 By changing the specification on the insulated glass units (IGUs) you can further improve the noise reduction down to 35 dB from 80 dB. In other words, the uPVC windows noise reduction performance is an outstanding 32 up to 45 dB.

If noise control is a concern for you, then uPVC windows and doors will be your best option.

Safe and Secure

It’s certainly worth noting that thanks to the galvanised steel reinforcement and multi-locking points, uPVC windows and doors offer resilience, strength, ruggedness and robustness — all of which contribute to the safety and security of your home when it comes to burglaries or severe weather conditions. However, that isn’t the only way that uPVC can help make your home more secure: uPVC does not support combustion and any flames will self-extinguish once the source of the fire is removed.

Our uPVC window frames have been developed and tested to meet Australian Standards requirements for designated Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL). For example, all our uPVC windows with metal reinforcing are permitted in zones classified up to and inclusive of BAL-29 risk. In addition, some of our uPVC window systems have been independently tested and found to comply with AS 1530.8.1 and AS 3959, which permits their use in zones classified as BAL-40 risk.

Sustainable and Eco Friendly

In the construction industry, uPVC is recognized as a Sustainable and Eco Friendly option for windows and doors. Let’s look at some reasons why:

  • The average lifespan of a uPVC window or door is around 35+ years. uPVC window and door frames can be recycled and repurposed up to 10 times without the material performance or quality deteriorating.
  • During their lifecycle, uPVC has a relatively low embodied energy.
  • Compared to aluminium, uPVC requires 7.5 times less energy to convert from raw materials to finished goods.
  • uPVC windows and doors provide significant energy savings and are ideal for Passive Housing and Coastal Area Projects.
  • uPVC itself is completely harmless to humans.

If environmental responsibility is one of your goals, then uPVC would be an excellent choice for your doors and windows.

Outstanding Quality

When it comes to quality, our uPVC windows and doors quickly rise to the top. Here’s some specific reasons why:

Manufactured in our state of the art factory in Melbourne, using the latest technology and operated by highly skilled technicians with more than 60+ years combined experience in the industry.

  • Thanks to our uPVC windows and doors having the right content of titanium dioxide (tropical mix), they retain appearance year after year under the harsh Australian environment conditions while they require minimal maintenance.
  • The hardware used on our windows and doors is top quality and is Made in Germany or USA specifically designed to meet the most stringent standards and usage needs.

When it comes to your home and especially the need for a quality and reliable product – our uPVC windows and doors are your best option.

Stylish and Custom Design

When designing a home, whether you’re merely updating the windows and doors of your existing home, performing a full renovation, or even building a home from scratch, uPVC windows and doors are a fantastic option. Even if you are working on an older home whose original appearance you’d like to preserve, you can find custom window and door options to allow you retain the original look but with the benefit of vastly improved energy efficiency, noise control, security, and durability.

From tilt and turn windows to stacking sliding doors, you’ll find that uPVC windows and doors can be customised to meet your individual requirements in terms of size, functionality, security and visual appearance.

Degradation Performance

One of the many benefits of uPVC windows and doors is their outstanding performance against harsh environmental elements. For example, they are resistant to termites and rot because they are not made of wood. In addition, they will never rust or otherwise experience corrosion like some metal options. They are far more suitable for coastal areas as they are sea-water resistant unlike aluminum and wood. Unlike aluminum windows, another added benefit of uPVC window and door frames is to significantly reduce the risk of condensation which prevents the development of diseases caused by mold and bacteria. Finally, when using uPVC window and door frames with the right content of titanium dioxide suitable and tested against the Australian harsh environmental conditions, they retain their efficiency and performance for many years, with the average lifespan being around 35 years or much more.


uPVC windows and doors are very low maintenance and can be easily cleaned by using a mild detergent or soapy water with a soft cloth. Note that uPVC window and door frames do not require painting or powder coating and they retain their colour and attractiveness throughout their lifetime.

Up to 10-Star Rating

It’s important to realize that when used in the right combination of building elements and solutions, uPVC triple glazed windows and doors can play a major role in achieving a 10-star rating when it comes to building energy efficiency and also it makes these windows and doors the ideal and preferred solution for Passive House certified projects.

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